A year ago I planned to send some family members Idaho-themed Christmas presents.  I discovered the state capitol had a gift shop and decided it would be a good place to start.  My thinking is it could be a bit pricey but if the difference benefits our lovely capitol building I would be glad to help by shelling out a few extra dollars.  I went online and was informed the gift shop was closed for renovations.  As a result, I bought the gifts from a private seller (and possibly save a few dollars) and shipped them directly to recipients.

It was only later I learned the Twin Falls Visitor Center has pretty much the same options as the capitol store.  Again, I don’t mind helping out the center, but out of curiosity, went to look up prices at the capitol.  The website informs me the gift shop is closed for renovation.  Who the heck is doing the work in Boise?  Rip Van Winkle?  Democrats?  Union labor?

Last summer, a friend at the Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce brought a gift box to the radio station.  We passed out the contents among those of us who work the early morning hours.  There is a great variety of homegrown Idaho products.  Spud bars, barbecue sauce, and even honey!

I’ve found people around the country love Idaho gifts.  Even if they’ve never been here, the place conjures idyllic images in their minds.  So, here’s a question.  Can you make suggestions on Idaho-themed gifts?  Details on the unique and rare are welcome.  As well as where we would find these memorable presents.

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