How come you can never find a patriot when you need one?  Idaho State Police say the replica Liberty Bell at the State Capitol was vandalized over the weekend.  “Damaged” is the word being used and it sounds even worse. 

This is the liberal equivalent of Klansman burning crosses.

Mainstream media and its political allies like to tell us Idaho doesn’t have issues with anarchists and Antifa.  They tell us we’ve created a straw man.  Fear for our imagination.  Then you hear about such a terrible crime against a symbol of our nation.  Trust me, not one member of Republican House leadership was involved with desecrating the monument to liberty.

This is the liberal equivalent of Klansman burning crosses.  It’s sending a message and is meant to intimidate.  Statues and bells can be replaced but are falling at such a rapid pace we can’t process this attempt at taking America down the Khmer Rouge path.  Which is where this is going.  And it’s happening here.

Just last week I told some friends Idaho was mostly immune to this madness but then you consider what now controls the city of Boise.  The Marxist crew is sowing its oats.  The left likes to refer to something called “dog whistles”.  You speak against their excesses and they start bawling and claim some right-wing extremist will pick up a gun and clean out their next worship service at the Temple of Secular Humanism.

Then one of their guys mocks liberty by hammering, painting or knocking down a statue.  Now they’re even after Lincoln, Grant and Theodore Roosevelt.

This isn’t a rewrite of history.  It’s theft of the past.  We’re long overdue when it comes to giving the hoodlums on the left the spanking they need!

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