The political class mostly stayed home.  There was a Second Amendment rally in Boise Saturday.

I’ll note the candidates attending the rally at the State Capitol have had some election success

One speaker referenced the lack of legislative interest.  There were cheers for politicians who braved the scorn of their peers and attended.  There were boos when the name of the Democrat running for Governor was pronounced.

My experience is politicians are cautious by nature and in some cases there is obvious evidence why they make this choice.  In Florida a Republican nominee hoping to be the next Governor told campaign staff not to “monkey this up”.  In other words, the campaign is serious business and the opponent will make a serious effort before Election Day.  Don’t take him lightly!

“Monkey this up” is a common expression.  It has been in use for decades and possibly for a couple of centuries.  Mainstream media obscured the message.  It called the Republican a racist (his opponent is a black man).  This is media’s M.O.  The goal is to drag a fellow traveler across the finish line in November.

I’ll note the candidates attending the rally at the State Capitol have had some election success.  It’s a bit like my realization.  The attendees are very likely voters.  They also get surveyed by Nielsen, which doesn’t disqualify them because of political affiliation.

Ammon Bundy told the crowd he understands he makes some people nervous.  Many candidates fear being photographed in his presence.  The state’s far left newspaper editorial boards would claim politicians sanction Bundy’s views on liberty.

My perspective is, whether you like the man or not, he has some views a great many people also share.  I’m interested in hearing what’s on his mind.

Mainstream media, parroting the party line, backs black clad anarchists in black masks beating people with pipes (none of whom showed up Saturday with a heavily armed opposition in large numbers.  Making the armed demonstrators point, I suppose).  The leftist argument, and thereby mainstream media’s claim, is the black pajama crowd are right and if you don’t agree then you deserve the clubbing.  It’s why if it ever hits the fan I’d rather have Ammon as a friend than a punk from Portland.  Some kid living in his parent’s basement would wet himself if he saw Mr. Bundy coming down a street.

You can see a photo album from the rally by clicking here.

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