BURLEY, Idaho (KLIX)-There has been an increase in reports of incidents involving a social media challenge and guns that fire liquid projectiles prompting the Cassia Sheriff's Office to warn people it could lead to serious charges.

Increase in Reports of People Being Shot by Gel Guns

Staff Sgt. Jason Lynch posted on the Cassia County Sheriff's Office a warning to people participating in an online challenge, typically posted to TikTok, called the Orbeez Challenge, where a small liquid gel ball is shot from an electrically powered gun or Splatter Ball, Gel Blaster, or Orbeez Gun. The sheriff's office said they've gotten an increase in reports of people being shot by the gel projectiles while in their own yards, walking their dog, or walking home form school.

Social Media Challenge Could Lead to Serious Charges

The sheriff's office said the gun can seriously injure people and could lead to serious charges."There are many reports from other states that victims have become permanently disfigured. These types of injuries in Idaho are serious crimes can have up to a maximum of 15 years in prison," wrote SSgt. Lynch. He said depending on the situation, if a person is involuntary shot by one of these guns, the participate could face either a misdemeanor battery or felony aggravated battery in Idaho. In some cases the gel beads are frozen.

Gel Gun Challenge Reported Across the Country

The challenge encourages people to shoot random people with these types of guns. Numerous videos posted online show people participating in shootouts or testing the guns on themselves. Incidents involving the challenge and guns have been reported across the county, like this one in Gilbert, Arizona:

WARNING! Video may contain STRONG language:

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