I want one.

Rush Limbaugh used to say, if you can afford it, go ahead.  I'm paraphrasing.  He was talking about big cars and big homes and it inflamed liberals.  This past weekend, State Representative Dorothy Moon and her husband, Darr, drove their Hummer to Liberty Fest 2021 in Twin Falls.  It has a Tea Party motif as you can see.  The fuel is expensive.  The Moon’s don’t often take it on the road but use it frequently for parades.  It sends a message in rural Idaho.  One that I would imagine plays well. 

Some of the liberals screaming the loudest because someone somewhere is enjoying a good lifestyle rarely considers their own habits.

Of course, liberals have long railed against personal ownership of Humvees.  Radical environmentalists used to set them ablaze on dealer lots.

For all the talk about large SUVs, boats, and private jets hurting the climate, just remember there are people getting a check to build all three.  Limbaugh even employed a flight crew.

Some of the liberals screaming the loudest because someone somewhere is enjoying a good lifestyle rarely considers their own habits.  We’re all aware of the Hollywood types living in homes spanning 20,000 square feet demanding the rest of us live in caves.  I’m not being facetious.  Green policies could leave a lot more people foraging in Rock Creek Canyon.  Over the weekend, I read where Europe and Asia are returning to coal to heat homes.  Climate preening only works until your constituents are cold and hungry.

Several years ago I worked at a radio station only a few miles from President Biden’s beach home.  A group of liberals held a rally on a neighboring beach to demand America de-industrialize in order to save the oceans.  They grew angry when I asked why so many of them were driving Range Rovers!

A big Hummer with a Gadsden look, now that symbolizes liberty!

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