TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Water and street crews are out and about today cleaning debris from street gutters and drains.

It is work that happens every year after the first hard rain of the season, said city of Twin Falls spokesman Joshua Palmer.

Tree leaves and other debris on streets move into the gutters when it rains, often clogging drains and causing water to build up.

“What we see is water accumulation on the sides of the roads,” Palmer said. “It can be dangerous for drivers, especially if they’re speeding. That’s why we try to address the issue as soon possible in the season.”

About 15 members from the city’s water, wastewater and street departments, as well as some other staff members, started the work this morning, he said. Crews rotated and another 15 or so members continue the work this afternoon.

They started with the main arterial streets – Addison Avenue, Blue Lakes Boulevard, Falls Avenue, Pole Line Road and Washington Street – and will move into the residential neighborhoods later.

Residents can help. If you have leaves and other debris in your yard or street, place them in bags and ready the garbage for trash pick up, Palmer said.

He also cautions drivers to slow down on wet roads and near standing water. Even going the speed limit might be too fast, depending on road conditions including water build up. Accidents can happen quickly when speeding through standing water, he said.