TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you want to see Shoshone Falls, you’ll have to see the attraction from a distance.

The city of Twin Falls is reminding visitors to not go past the closed entry gate on Shoshone Falls Drive due to dangerous ice conditions on the road. The conditions are dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians. At least one person was injured recently while attempting to walk down the grade to see the falls.

According to the city:

The entry gate to Shoshone Falls Park and Dierkes Lake is closed to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from accessing the road when there is a risk of injury to visitors. Paramedics responded to at least one report on Friday of an individual who fell and was injured while walking down the grade. The injuries were minor but the incident put paramedics, who needed to access the grade to assist the individual, at risk of injury.

The city will post additional signage at the closed gate to remind drivers and pedestrians that access beyond the closed entry gate is unsafe. Shoshone Falls may still be seen from the viewing area above the entry gate; however, drivers are encouraged to also use caution on the upper-grade as there may be ice accumulation.

Work crews will clear the grade once it is safe to operate equipment on the road.

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