When four out of five people are opposed, should representative government ignore the people's will?  Twin Falls Mayor Suzanne Hawkins and Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall made a joint appearance on Magic Valley This Morning.  Just hours prior to a city council vote on a citywide mask mandate.  The Mayor shared with the Newsradio 1310, KLIX audience the feedback she has received is overwhelmingly against a mandate.  Perhaps as much as 80 percent.  County government rejected a mandate.  Both governments are under intense pressure from mainstream media and the medical community.  Both of which favor coercion as a means of battling COVID-19.

Last week, it appeared 5 of the seven members planned to vote in favor of the mandate.

The Mayor is believed to be in a minority on the council.  Last week, it appeared 5 of the seven members planned to vote in favor of the mandate.  One yes vote explained to me local business owners wanted the regulation.  Commissioner Hall explained it's the opposite of the feedback he and his two peers received.

There are some larger entities backing the mandate.  Some corporate, the regional hospital and the College of Southern Idaho all favor the restriction.  One member of the college's board went so far as to say your God given constitutional liberties should take a back seat to her plans to save the students and staff from the spread of the disease.  Apparently, both state and federal constitutions only apply when we're not enmeshed in what we used to call cold and flu season.

You can listen to a portion of our conversation with the Mayor and Commissioner.  I've attached a YouTube video below.

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