I love Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman but, I am a little upset that I have to actually do something with my life because of the "Bucket List".

Recently, my husband and I decided to cross climbing Mount Borah off my "bucket list".

Borah Peak is the highest mountain in the U.S. state of Idaho. Numerous people have climbed the mountain and numerous people have chickened out at "chickenout ridge".

The normal route involves ascending 5,262 vertical feet (1604 m) from the trail head to the summit in just over 3.5 mile.

3.5 miles sounds like an easy hike but I knew in the first half mile that this was not your average hike. It was more like a rigorous, unforgiving climb straight up a mountain.

We began our hike at 6:10am and summited at 11:35am. If you are afraid of heights and don't have any climbing experience, Chicken Out Ridge may get to you. Although, in my opinion, Chicken Out Ridge is easy compared to the final ascent.

By the time you reach the final ascent you are exhausted and the lack of oxygen can effect every part of your body. I could barely close my hands due to swelling. I become nauseated. My legs felt weak and I got a fierce headache. At that point I couldn't give up because I was so close to the top.

The final ascent is almost straight up and involves using your hands and legs. Because of the lack of oxygen you are only able to climb 15 to 20 feet before you have to stop and catch your breath. For me, it was like no other feeling I had experienced before.

Anyone with a littler determination can climb Mount Borah.

All of that being said, what is on your "bucket list"?



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