You might be surprised by this, but some comedians like to toe the line between funny and offensive. But since that line is very blurry it is easy to cross it and still have some people laugh. Many social sites have begun trying to block (or censor) what they feel crosses the line into the offensive territory. As a parent, I'm grateful for the various settings I can choose from on social sites and YouTube videos to keep my kids from what I feel they don't need to see or hear. But, no filter is perfect. Especially when the person posting the questionable content knows it will get flagged so they use little tricks to get past certain flags.

I just came across one of these examples as I was looking for new Idaho videos to share with you. James Gregory has a YouTube channel where he's listed as the 'Funniest Man in America'. I watched one of his videos titled 'You Went on a Vacation to Idaho?!' and it actually had some funny bits. It also had some swearing and nothing to do with Idaho.

It took me a moment to realize that the title was used as a trick to confuse the YouTube censors. If he titled it what he was actually joking about (overweight women) it would have been flagged as offensive to some people.

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The video looks like it's pretty old but was just uploaded on February 13, 2021.

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