A couple of weeks ago I mentioned on-air there was economic trouble ahead.  I’m not reading this in America’s largest newspapers or hearing it on TV network news.  Most of the reporting on troubled waters is coming from overseas.  The business trade journals in this country are giving some coverage as you can read here but it’s limited and most Americans aren’t reading these publications.  Since I was the only person I knew in news media in the 80s and 90s actually watching Louis Rukeyser every week I know most people simply don’t want to hear bad news (Rukeyser, by the way, was always sunny but then he was always prepared for the worst).

Some long time listeners and readers also know I’ve recommended a book from another generation with a sinister name:  The Fourth Turning.  I read it when it was published way, way back in another century.  You can still get a copy today by going to this site.  Additionally, others have adopted its prophecy as you can see here.

Preparing for the storm, Courtesy, thinkstock & KLIX library
Preparing for the storm, Courtesy, thinkstock & KLIX library

The last similar cycles in our history brought us World War Two, the American Civil War and the American Revolution.  The authors can trace these times of crises as far back as 700 years in what we know as the English speaking empire.  Many believe it was the last great world war that brought an end to a crippling worldwide depression.  If your choices are depression and/or war then you realize there aren’t any pleasant alternatives.  Some possible hedges are the usual recommendations.  Have something worthwhile to barter.  Have some non-perishable food in storage and a clean water source.  These are the simple steps.  The more difficult is a recommendation you live in a rural community and away from strife.  Why do I say this?  Having grown up with Amish neighbors I can tell you they didn’t notice the upheavals.  A simple rural life and being disconnected from the grid and debt appears a successful approach.  Contrast the handful of people who can still abundantly produce their own food with recent events in Baltimore.  Sometimes in life there are advantages to flying under the radar!

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