Take a vow of silence.  It may be the only surefire method for saving your job and someday your life.  I just finished reading a story about a teacher at a Roman Catholic school in Scranton, Pennsylvania given the heave-ho.  She correctly told her students (from a Christian perspective) not everyone goes to heaven.  On the opposite side of the country the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco is being pressured to hire teachers who don’t believe in the Bible.  A question for parents and legislators behind the campaign, then why bother having a Catholic or Christian education?  Send your kids to the government schools for training in kindergarten cross-dressing and the fantasy the real world will be like a great big episode of Barney.  If it isn’t, you can force a channel change!

An Idaho legislator opposed to same-sex marriage has had his website taken over by the gay mafia.  He let it briefly lapse and the mobsters pounced.  I guess the obligatory pictures of American flags on any legislator’s site have been replaced by the rainbow.  Idaho’s same-sex community, perhaps a fraction of one percent, are the squeaky wheel looking for the grease.  Or some sort of lubricant.

At Ithaca College in my beloved native Upstate New York students are outlawing hurt feelings or better explained the people who hurt your feelings.  Details are found in the Daily Caller.  “Microaggressions” on campus could cost you a judicial hearing.  What is a “microaggression” and who commits them?  Mainly large white privileged football players and you can see some examples such as “You’re too sensitive!” right here.

Across the same town at the Ivy League Cornell University a Dean is seen on tape saying he would welcome ISIS and ISIS training seminars on campus.  On one said of town calling a classmate obsessive compulsive could get you expelled.  At Cornell you’ll be invited to participate in crucifixions and the burning of any stray Jordanians.

Tompkins County in New York isn’t alone in the mass insanity.  A day after England’s most popular TV personality was jettisoned for not being nice to a co-worker a columnist at the Washington Examiner tells us clapping and cheering are considered intimidating in London.  It’s the claim of some academic simpletons at the London School of Economics.  They advise no clapping for approval and instead recommend something described as “up twinkies”.  I’m not sure in the politically correct climate I would attempt “down twinkies”.  You can read the ridiculous tale here and it also includes a few paragraphs about another American Ivy league University.  A handful of students at Brown were so shocked an invited speaker would criticize the claims of a campus rape culture the traumatized crawled into a burrow.  There they found Play-Doh, cookies, pillows, blankets and videos of puppies.  One student articulated the Barney culture quite well, explaining she didn’t come to college to hear opinions and ideas that made her uncomfortable!

You'll be forced to comply!
You'll be forced to comply!

This morning before wrapping up my radio show I was doing some paperwork while listening to Mike Huckabee’s morning update.  He shared the story of a Christian baker ordered by a judge to sensitivity training.  The baker had argued he couldn’t in good conscience cater a same-sex marriage.  As usual, instead of finding another baker, the Mafioso found a sympathetic prosecutor and judge.  Now the baker must attend something akin to a re-education camp.  If he starts reciting Leviticus I seriously fear he may then find himself behind bars.  The baker will still have some solace if he adheres to the promise:  “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall put you to death: and you shall be hated by all nations for my name's sake.” Matthew 24:9

There are causes worth dying for and none of them are politically correct

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