We all have a handful of liberal friends and they try and instruct us in faith.  They never go to a church but for a funeral or a wedding and they saw Jeffrey Hunter in a movie  and claim we’re all to take whatever smack down government and sexual minorities give us and never pass judgment…

Christian isn’t a synonym for doormat.  This link should clear it up and the writer explains a great many libertines take some phrases from scripture “out of context”.  “Judge not, lest you be judged,” (Matthew 7:1) is the frequent quote from those trying to explain away all manner of behavior and demanding “tolerance”.  Some years ago I was reading a story in a Roman Catholic newspaper named the Wanderer.  There was a quote now infamous among the un-churched and the godless.  “Tolerance is not a Christian virtue!”  It comes from the learned Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput.

I’m thinking of this today after reading where a homosexual is filing suit against Bible publishers for hurting his feelings.  Here’s a link to the con-man’s effort.  It was foretold.  Yes, there is a very slippery slope and we knew it was coming.

Will we smash the tablets to appease the left?

Meanwhile a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin demands Christians be shoved into closets.  Just a few years ago Democrat Tammy Baldwin was cowering behind the same closet door.  She’s now an unabashed militant lesbian empowered by a recent decision from the Supreme Court of the United States.  And she’s re-writing the Constitution as she seeks vengeance.  Baldwin argued in a recent TV interview individuals have no right to freedom of religion.  Instead she maintains it belongs only to churches, synagogues and mosques.  When you leave these buildings you are subject to the new order.  For the record, these are the five liberties enshrined in the First Amendment:


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 


The First Amendment is one entire sentence and it never references the rights-of-churches but does mention the rights-of-the-people.  Can’t you see how a sub-culture only a generation ago viewed as insane and deviant is attempting to rewrite the bedrock foundations of our society and government?

When I was a small boy my parents sent my sister, brother and me to every imaginable Bible School.  Maybe mom and dad felt guilty about rarely getting around on a Sunday morning (he was often working) and getting us some faith in our lives.  It did give me a very good grounding in several denominations every year during Easter and summer vacations.  As children we weren’t taught about homosexuality or sex in any variant at Bible School.  We were taught about the power and supremacy of the Lord and His law was paramount.  No man could alter what the Almighty decreed and no man could claim to substitute earthly regulations and no man in the United States could force us to believe otherwise, because.  Our Constitution enumerated our God-given liberties and protected what we believed, our right to testify about our faith and the protection of our own conscience.  When I grew older and more patient I could read the Bible and clearly understood there are a great many sins and these include sexual sins as a sub-set.

Faith needs a re-birth.

No earthly court ruling can silence people of true faith.  Not when they are called to praise the good and denounce evil.  No court can violate the clear meaning of the paramount amendment in our founding document.  This notion of “dignity” or in layman’s terms, hurting another man’s (or woman’s) feelings now promulgated by the Supreme Court is therefore an abomination unto itself.

There is a song I clearly remember from those March, April and summer days in church basements.  Onward Christian soldiers.  In our song books there were illustrations of men marching in helmets and chain mail armor and bearing the cross of Jesus on their breastplates or scapulars.  Just war is a Christian cause.  War in defense of the Almighty and his flock is surely just.  War to protect the silencing or perversion of God’s words and will is a blessed calling.