One trillion dollars is one thousand billion dollars.  One billion dollars is one thousand million dollars.  The United States is variously reported to be 18 trillion dollars in debt, although.  No one really has a grasp of the actual number.  Most state and local governments also have large debt loads and these can be expected to grow as workers retire and begin making demands on the lavish promises these governments made in exchange for votes.  One estimate, and it’s now several years old, placed the overall liability nationwide in excess of 130 trillion dollars.  Quite possibly debt dwarfs all other issues prior to the General Election of 2016.  Are your friends in mainstream media highlighting the crisis?  Are reporters badgering candidates with questions about solutions?  Are candidates willing to suggest remedies?

Bigger question:  How would we know?  All I’ve been hearing and reading about are the meanies in the Republican Party, some of whom might not attend a same-sex marriage ceremony.  Rick Santorum, a devout Catholic is a clear no while devout Catholic Marco Rubio says yes.  Ted Cruz hasn’t yet been invited and apparently would make any decision based on friendship.

I’m not aware these questions are asked by liberal media jackals of fellow travelers in the Democrat Party.  No need, the assumption is all Democrats would attend.  You’ll also notice the number of debt questions posed to Democrats is roughly equal to the number of debt questions posed to Republicans, which is to say slightly above none.

As long sex is the most pressing issue of the coming campaign, specifically same-sex, can we then get some answers about candidate’s personal preferences.  Former Congressman Barney Frank explained recently he has no problems with his fellow gay politicians being outed if they’re hypocrites.  It was almost 30 years ago when a reporter asked Frank about his preference and he quipped, “Yeah, so what,” and then waited for the next question.  It didn’t hurt Frank at the polls but the question has for the most part since been off limits.  For Democrats.  Not so much for Republicans as there is an assumption the meanies would round up America’s homosexuals and roast them on a bonfire if given the opportunity.

Considering as recently as 2012 and 2008 a great many Democrats also opposed same-sex marriage and then you could make an assumption they were wetting a finger, holding it aloft and finding which way the wind was blowing.  Is that hypocritical?  Then why not start asking all candidates what their preferences are.  Can we start with Hillary Rodham Clinton?  A radio talk show host in Buffalo did actually make the pitch to her a decade ago.  He was roundly criticized and then the media walked away.  At the time I was working as a radio talk show host a two hour drive down the New York State Thruway in Syracuse.  On my summer weekends I would often make a two hour drive in the opposite direction and watch the horses run at Saratoga Raceway.  I watched from the rail with the hoi polloi.  Mrs. Clinton’s husband watched from a box with a hot blond named Belinda Stronach.  She was a then member of the Canadian Parliament.  Media kept a tight lid on the story as not to embarrass the Clintons.  As the following overseas link makes clear, it’s not like the Clinton’s open marriage is much of a secret.  If the former Secretary-of-State is uninterested in her husband’s antics then what are her interests?  Twenty some years have passed since, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” became a slogan on the Seinfeld TV show.

Did Canadian MP warm Bill Clinton? Courtesy, Wikipedia
Did Canadian MP warm Bill Clinton? Courtesy, Wikipedia

Is it important for the public to know a President’s sexual habits?  Normally I would say no but when you consider President Kennedy was hooking up with mob molls then we’ve suddenly an issue.  A leader having interests outside of marriage is a national security risk in some instances.  With so much at stake I would maintain all affairs are risky.  Mrs. Clinton may well be straight but if she’s a partner in an open marriage then no matter what her predilection we, during the nuclear age, should know.  It’s not like anyone any longer is embarrassed by their desires being public.  It’s about what may be said during intimate moments.  Maybe monogamy then becomes a prerequisite for the Presidency.

Or better yet we could talk about debt solutions.

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