Is The Donald spending part of his St. Patrick’s Day in Boise?

I received a cryptic message from Janice McGeachin’s campaign.  As you know, the President endorsed the Lt. Governor in her challenge against incumbent Brad Little.  That was despite Mr. Trump being close to both candidates.

Trump Usually Packs Arenas

Usually, Trump visits involve big rallies at arenas or airplane hangars.  At those events, he’ll praise the candidates he supports.  Will he be planning a more understated approach in Idaho?  Ivanka Trump made her recent visit to Twin Falls a very quiet affair.  She toured Chobani and then passed out food boxes for the poor.

McGeachin got Trump’s endorsement last fall, only a few days after Governor Little attended a dinner at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where Mr. Trump introduced him to the crowd and called him a gentleman.

McGeachin was an Early Trump Backer

Why did the Lt. Governor get the endorsement?  She was on the Trump train early.  Way back in 2016 she got involved with the campaign and was a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  She helped bring me around to his cause.  I voted for Ted Cruz in the Idaho Presidential Primary.

This year’s primary for Governor is May 17th.  Thursday means we’re down to the last two full months.  A Republican insider told me in February that a couple of visits by Trump could revive McGeachin’s campaign and make the race one of the most interesting in Idaho's history.  Any visit by Trump would also likely lead to a boost in donations for McGeachin’s campaign.


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