I can’t recall a period in my lifetime where I believed Western Civilization had drawn its last breath.  Now I think it has and we’re all just waiting for the pillars to fall with a loud thud.  Grant it I’ve only been a member of the club for just over one-half-century but I can’t any longer see any room for redemption.  A series of news headlines have me twisted in knots.  This is just a smattering of what I’ve stumbled across this weekend:



Meanwhile the Chinese have walked away with the personnel and personal details of federal government workers and there is silence from the White House.  Instead a political appointee now overseeing the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff maintains the Russians, with a fraction of Chinese wealth and technological prowess, are the greatest security threat to our country.

Criminal aliens gun down innocent and random bystanders because liberals nullify laws they don’t like.  The White House remains silent on this issue too.  The same liberals rail against Christians nullifying the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  The Christians are threatened with loss of employment, fines and perhaps jail.  The writer Mark Steyn finds a chilling precedent here.  The legal argument for the same-sex marriage ruling appears to be we don’t want to hurt the feelings of a tiny minority.  The need to respect their “dignity” is the prevailing wind amongst the court’s narrow majority.  It’s quite a bit like the guy offended and vomiting because he saw a Confederate Flag at a flea market.  He demands an authority force someone else to cease and desist!  Just like the Christian clerks, bakers and photographers are being forced to comply with fashioning the golden calf.


Muslim bakers and photographers also won’t comply but they aren’t receiving telephone threats, graffiti or the full weight of secular law.

Which brings me back to my point about the fall of Western Civilization.  Islam isn’t Western.  Where I currently reside the alien faith is being promoted and there is an effort by government to expand the Islamic footprint.  In fact it has been local policy for two decades.  History has many parallels.  Thirty years ago a college professor told me my country cozied up to China because the Chinese were “good commies” and because they weren’t “Russian commies!”  The two then communist giants didn’t well get along.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Today the post-Christian Western elites see Islam as a friend as long as it assists in the destruction of traditional values of which Christianity has provided a foundation for two-thousand years.  I suspect the elites believe they can clean up the Mohammedan problem after mopping up Christ.  Funny thing, though.  The best laid plans of mice and men…

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