I’ve been pondering a dilemma the last couple of days and think to some degree I owe most American homosexuals an apology.  Late Tuesday I saw a link posted by one of Glenn Beck’s minions.  A lesbian was interviewed by Beck after she offered support to the owners of a pizzeria in Indiana.  You recall the owners had their lives threatened by members of the gay mafia after one of them said she wouldn’t cater a same-sex wedding.  Mind you, she didn’t go out of her way.  A reporter showed up at the shop and asked some basic questions.  The shop will serve same-sex customers but would draw the line at the catering.  Many people have raised a question the last couple of weeks. Who has pizza at a wedding?  An old co-worker served pizza at a reception but I believe for shock value.  Otherwise it would be quite rare.

The woman joining Beck on the radio is like him a native of Washington State.  In one respect I believe it helped smooth the discussion.  It gave them something in common.  A shared experience.

Most people I’ve known who called or call themselves gay aren’t really politically active.  Well, not in a raucous sense.  My guess is the political interest among people with same-sex attractions is the same as people attracted by the opposite sex, although.  Every movement has its storm troopers.  Precinct captains and ward bosses and the people who’ll go door-to-door for a cause.  In full disclosure I’ve served on street teams for Republican candidates and find it exhilarating.  I suspect the loudest people in the gay rights movement get the same adrenaline high I got when carrying placards and speaking at Tea Party rallies.  Sometimes we’ve all been a little over the top after getting swept up in the moment.  And always a few get carried away with threats and some may actually believe violence is a solution.

Political activist, Courtesy, Wikipedia
Political activist, Courtesy, Wikipedia

I believe it was Michael Medved who once spoke on behalf of violence when confronted by someone who said it never solved anything.  “Violence solved Adolf Hitler,” was his reply.

Can we make it clear there are no Hitlers in Indiana?  You may find a few people out of millions who share the Fuhrer’s philosophy but they don’t command armies and aren’t serving in state government.

There have been, I admit, a few moments in the last couple of weeks where I thought it would be appropriate to fight fire with fire.  The woman who appeared on Beck’s show made me reconsider and ask God for forgiveness.  After all, people aren’t making death threats because they’re gay.  They’re making death threats because they’re Democrats.

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