Oh, Idaho’s liberal newsroom editorial boards won’t like it.  Delegates at the state GOP convention approved a call to use the National Guard in the removal of illegal aliens from Idaho.  Who’ll clean an editor’s pool?  There’s a disconnect between the elites and the people who pay most of the taxes.  Maybe it’s one of the primary causes for the growth of what news media calls the extremist wing of the Republican Party.

The media has attempted to change the language.  We get undocumented instead of illegal.  Reporters claim many of the border jumpers don’t know they’re breaking the law.  Really?  Then why over the years did so many sneak through deserts in darkness?  The only thing that’s changed under the current regime in Washington is that the newcomers are now coached in loopholes.

Some of our legislators insist they shouldn’t be compelled to follow the party platform.  Okay, then let’s find someone to take your place.  You can go home and maintain your independence.

People are pissed.  They’re not looking for esoteric excuses.  You get on board or you go extinct.

We need some good people to do some sleuthing and find the Idaho politicians being funded by the open-border lobby.  Then we need to expose the perfidy.  Then we need to amplify it.  Two things will follow.  Voters will dispense with the offenders, or those interested in political survival will modify their behavior.

They won’t like being called out.  Old-time journalists did this work.  Modern reporters are the tools of the elites and liberals.  Since there are so few of the latter in Idaho, the newsrooms have allied with the so-called moderates and promoted open primaries.  Which is why we need citizen journalists to do the legwork.  Even in an open primary, if we can identify the candidates selling their votes, then we can eradicate their mischief.

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