Liberals are racing to excuse a Texas shooting by Muslims as a response to provocation.  This is a link from the Dallas Morning News with details about Sunday’s attempted massacre at an art show.  The program was sponsored by journalist Valerie Geller.  She has long warned Islam is incompatible with American values.  Earlier this year she defended a former coworker of mine after he was fired for saying on-air all Muslims in the United States are “suspect”.  Since I hired the guy because he was fearless I was pleased she offered support when he was canned.  The Texas art show awarded a prize to the best cartoon drawing of the prophet Mohammad.

Courtesy, KLIX Library
Courtesy, KLIX Library

Less than 24 hours before the attempted terror attack in Texas there was a provocation in Baltimore, Maryland.  As reported here a man wearing a shirt with a nasty reference to police got himself a face-full of pepper spray.  Liberals believe this is an appropriate provoking and will assail police.  Why the double standard?  Because Lefty maintains the police need to show restraint and apparently Muslims aren’t required to follow the same social contract.  Or do leftists and news media infer Muslims aren’t capable of self-restraint?  Then I guess a point is made about the religion-of-peace.

The warning signs are all around us and the lights are flashing and sirens screaming and the Chamberlains treat us like a babysitter I had when I was a kid.  When my brother and I would talk after going to bed she would throw open our bedroom door and shout, “Pipe down!”

As a longtime resident of America’s Tidewater Region I watched communities overrun and overwhelmed by mass waves of liberal in-migration.  Lefty brings along all his politically correct demands and longing for regulations.  A few months ago when I relocated to a small city on the Snake River Plain in Idaho I really believed I’d escaped the madness.  Now I read this.  Here you have decisions being made by un-elected academic administrators and without any public input.  The latter never happens because the elitists know the response is a foregone conclusion.  In this instance the majority doesn’t rule. On most major issues of the day Lefty works to operate the country on opinion polls.  I’ve got some basic questions for the Islamic resettlement program.  Who makes these decisions?  Does anyone in local and state government offer an opinion?  Who pays the freight for the immigrants?  This includes their educations at the local college operating the resettlement program.  In other words, why are my tax dollars being used without representation to enrich the college’s bottom line?  I’ve put my questions in writing and mailed them to the College of Southern Idaho.  I’m hopeful I’ll have answers later this week.






A spokesman at the College of Southern Idaho explains the refugee resettlement program is a separate entity and only shares a Board of Trustees with the school.  Additionally, the resettlement program gets its marching orders from beyond Idaho.  Local administrators don’t have a choice about who gets resettled and where.  The spokesman also alludes to some of the members of my listening audience as bigots.  While he may have some people in mind and it may not be in dispute there are still legitimate questions about these programs.  Can we start with, “Who are these people?”

I also noticed today the President has condemned the Texas shootings while at the same time calling the cartoon art show “offensive”.  Did he feel the same way when an artist smeared dung on a portrait of the Blessed Mother?  Or how about the artist who placed a crucifix into a glass of urine?  Liberals call those displays art and not one Christian attempted blowing up the museums hosting those dreadful displays.

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