I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist.  Alex Jones isn’t appointment radio, although.  When I sometimes listen to Jones I’m impressed by the narrative and the passion behind his voice.  It’s entertaining if nothing else and I also have suspicions about large institutions.  It’s just the man has too often cried wolf (maybe not intentionally but he and Glenn Beck make a lot of money hawking survival gear).  There are powerful people who can have you snuffed out.  The President of the United States is one of them and we applaud when his drones exterminate Islamic extremists.  We aren’t even troubled when the alleged terrorist is an American and the death sentence was carried out without due process of law.

There are many powerful people in governments and industry who wouldn’t have much remorse in removing human roadblocks.  Mostly in government.  Industry has other methods.  You can be bankrupted through litigation or your electronic records can be altered and powerful corporate media can run a public relations campaign and diminish you as a threat.  Most of this is Hollywood script writing and would only enter as last resorts in the real world.

Jones thrives in many respects because he hasn’t caused anyone in power serious harm.  He’s portrayed as a crank and, frankly, he’s allowed the portrayal to continue.  For his dedicated audience the attacks on their radio hero as a clown validate their paranoid fears.  It builds loyalty for Jones, negates his threats to the powerful and satisfies the audience belief we’re perpetually under siege.  Just yesterday I was listening to a radio show hosted by a friend and a caller claimed the Rothschild banking house toppled some Middle Eastern regimes because the governments rejected control by the House of Rothschild.  The caller maintains international bankers (my host friend says international bankers is code for Jews) even control China but not North Korea.  The incredulous host asked why North Korea hadn’t been invaded by Rothschild controlled armies.  Because, the now perturbed caller replied, the most powerful family in the world couldn’t resist being discovered.

So, let’s get this straight.  Rothschild controls everything (aside from Alex Jones).  The banking house can otherwise squish anyone it despises like a gnat at a summer picnic and, yet.  Invasion of North Korea would expose its master plan.  Excuse me, but just who does Rothschild fear?

A more plausible explanation is there are multiple oligarchies in control.  Sometimes they work in tandem when interests match and sometimes they war through proxies.  Unlike the mafia’s leading families they haven’t quite succeeded in setting up a governing commission.  Even mafia factions sometimes battle over turf long ago supposedly settled at the peace talks.  I believe currently the world divides along a few lines.  East Asia, Southern Asia, the Western World (Europe and North America) and finally the Southern Hemisphere, which is a basket case and open to plunder by the northern oligarchs.  As resources dwindle elsewhere the Great Game will be rekindled in Africa and South America.  The only gnats at this party are currently the Islamic jihadists.  They haven’t been swatted because contestants still have some use for the angry, shouting illiterates.  The head-chopping knuckleheads don’t know and likely never will know they’re pawns.  Check out this story as evidence!

So, I’m not a paranoid.  I understand how the world works.  For now I’ve got food on my table and climate control at home.  I’m easily bought with a seat along the third base line.  I’m a big fish but in a small pond.  I threaten no one who wields serious power…

Is this our final celebration of the Republic? Courtesy, Bill Colley
Is this our final celebration of the Republic? Courtesy, Bill Colley

And I still fear my government.  I’m not sure Jade Helm is the beginning of martial law but I sure as heck don’t trust the leaders.  Civil Asset Forfeiture, National Security Agency and Lois Lerner.  Just a few names, programs and offices daily used to intimidate 330 million Americans.  If we ever lose our fear of acronyms, bureaucrats and government theft of assets then Jade Helm is at least an excellent practice drill for what’s coming.  A fellow told me a few weeks ago the Canadians are running a simultaneous operation known as Golden Leaf.  To what purpose?  Another friend e-mailed a video link today and I’d like to close by sharing.


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