America’s establishment media wants you to believe police in this country are out of control.  There are days I wonder if the lefties have made life even more miserable for law enforcement than it already is.  First, I’d put money down in arguing the percentage of bad cops in the country is probably smaller today than it was 40 years ago.  What has changed are the expectations of police by the governments employing them.  Politicians aggrandize themselves through zero tolerance policies and demands some poor fellows on street corners pay a nickel in taxes for a handful of cigarettes being sold to the homeless.  Then when someone ends up dead the politicians abandon the troops, if you will, and preen for the cameras by singing the media’s song.  Is this promoting the killing and maiming of more and more police officers?  I don’t know that we yet have a pattern but unfortunately for the cops I think we’re going to find out.

Media promotes killing law enforcement, KLIX library
Media promotes killing law enforcement, KLIX library

Add two more names to the honored dead in Mississippi.  Add a third in Idaho where last week a policeman was executed by an illiterate puke who then took the patrol car on a joyride before being caught.  You’ve got thugs often raised by scum being egged on by the press and my apologies for all the redundancy.

Reporters and columnists will blame Pamela Geller for inciting two violent terrorists (both neutralized by some pretty good shooting by police) while she exercises an unconditional constitutional right but the same media dregs won’t accept any blame for men and women in blue bleeding red.  If we adopted the logic of most newspaper editors then we should raze their buildings, smash their keyboards and break their fingers.  Somehow they believe their First Amendment rights trump yours.

I’m a somewhat regular reader of historian and Professor Victor Davis Hanson.  In a piece written last week he zeroes in on what makes a culture implode and as you can read here one cause is the collapse of respect for rule-of-law.  When you’ve got leading media personalities suggesting President Obama rule by fiat (the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson in the vanguard) in imperial fashion then you understand we’re no longer a nation of laws but instead of emperors.  The republic is dead.  And so are many men and women in the front lines of law enforcement.

I’ve stood by as a silent witness to the debauchery and chicanery passing any longer for culture and authority.  A Baptist preacher and diabetic running for President is mocked because he was a spokesman for a failed diabetes treatment.  In contrast Hillary Clinton is involved in racketeering and media says, “Move along, there’s nothing to see here!”

Men are dressing as women and women are dressing as men and surgeons are mutilating them so they may be “complete”.  Have we lost our collective marbles and can anyone find a new set?  As I write this ISIS warns of a major domestic attack within hours and yet locally I’m being told I need to make way for hundreds if not thousands of Arab Muslim refugees in my community.  No vetting required and no public input sought or requested.  Christian bakers are being coerced into fashioning golden calves.  The faith that built Western Civilization is labeled as hokum while I’m told I can’t offend the religious sensibilities of the newcomers.  Jonny and Jimmy are getting hitched and it won’t be long before our ministers and priests are compelled under threat of dungeon to perform the ceremonies.  A school principal is excoriated in Georgia when she publicly calls black people black people, which was what just a few years ago they demanded we call them and a darn sight better than what they were called in parts of Georgia 60-years-ago.  When she explains the devil caused her outburst the lefties in media laugh and belittle the notion of a darker force at work.  As you can read here the devil’s agents are being given an equal footing in the public square because Lefty doesn’t believe there is actually Satan any more than Lefty actually believes there is God.  The absence of traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and morals is known as paganism.  No God.  No judgment.  No heaven or hell.  Why then in hades would we expect anyone to respect another human being and including those serving in law enforcement?

As one of the last remaining bitter clingers living in flyover country I’ve been thinking about the dead in Mississippi, Idaho and New York who this morning didn’t answer the roll call.  “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  John 15:13

The end will look like this every hour of every day.  It’s a shame you’ll be barred from seeking solace from the Almighty.

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