Apparently a great many people have no use for oaths.  I took an oath to the Constitution of the United States in 2006.  I spent a year working for the Postal Service.  Despite the jokes it’s not nearly as dangerous a vocation as fighting fires, policing or hunting Taliban.  The people with those duties also took the oath.  Today I came across a piece at Washington Times written by Judge Andrew Napolitano, which you can read by clicking here.  Napolitano’s regular column often is a series of questions, as is his latest work, designed rhetorical style to better underline his argument.  He suggests a great many people who’ve taken the oath simply ignore it and often haven’t read the document they’ve promised to defend and uphold.  It’s quite common among elected politicians.  I didn’t say it’s quite common only today.  American history is chock full of lapses in fealty to our founding documents.

The frustration for a growing number of my countrymen is the notion elites no longer consider it sacrosanct but instead view the Constitution as a series of suggestions.  While many have played fast and loose with its words we’re now seeing an outright assault on our founding values.  Some years ago a foreign born CNN anchor wrote in a Washington Post column that Americans “fetishize” the Constitution.  Not well said when the author hails from a large country known mainly for its famines, leprous beggars and filthy cities.  Once he introduced the sexual terminology it became a drum beat from Lefty and as you can see here is now frequently repeated.

I was in the eighth grade in 1975-76.  Our history teacher not only had us memorize the preamble but we were also required to recite it publicly.  Our final exam consisted of 26 numbers and we had to assign them to the printed amendments.  We had to look at a numbered map of all 50 states and match state names to numbers and we had to recite the names of the Presidents in order from Washington to Ford.  I’m not in any way sure public schools are still quite as rigorous.

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar a couple of years ago conducted by Constitutional scholar Michael Peroutka.  He’s vilified by Lefty and called a bigot and dangerous.  “Michael Peroutka, a radical Christian Reconstructionist” as this publication explains is somehow a threat to paganism across our once great land.  When I heard him he debunked the imperial presidency of the last 80 years by explaining Executive Orders only apply within the Executive Branch.  Barack Obama can tell staff to buy more pencils but he can’t rule by fiat.  Yes, criticism of the “first black President” is a serious threat to Lefty and his fellow travelers.  Never mind the destruction of our past.

It’s very true Peroutka does tie our founding values to Judeo-Christian culture.  Our laws in the U.S.A. didn’t spring organically from soil.  They were adopted from English Common Law, which in turn was influenced by the Bible and the Reformation.  Our founders didn’t mention Jesus but were fluent in the Creator, Almighty and God.  Lefty dismisses them as deists and atheists and evil slave holding capitalists, however. The majority were Methodists, Anglicans and Congregationalists.  The thing is, as Judge Napolitano so well concludes is that if we don’t know who these people were and don’t know the documents then our empty heads can be filled with all sorts of propaganda.  It’s the same thing with faith.  Lefty often calls my radio show and preaches hippie Jesus as license for lascivious living.  As you know Lefty only walks into a church for a funeral or wedding.

The light grows dim, Courtesy, Bill Colley
The light grows dim, Courtesy, Bill Colley

And you know something else?  No one any longer gives a darn about truth, faith and liberty.  Too many concerns about gadgets we want and a willingness to surrender to a nanny state.  The Republic died long ago.  No one noticed and when informed it was one funeral missed few mourned its passing.

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