Gravel and bees aren’t a good combination.  Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputies explained the intersection at 3600 North and 3000 East was closed for a time Monday morning.  A truck carrying bees collided with a truck carrying gravel, spilling parts of both loads.  The gravel covered the intersection, and apparently, the bees were angered.

An accident can happen at any time, however.  Sergeant Ken Mencl with the Sheriff’s Office says deputies expect to respond to at least two accidents per shift.  While we don’t yet have an explanation for the crash of the two trucks, local law enforcement is seeing a surge in inattentive driving.  State Police tell us there have been more deadly accidents statewide since Memorial Day than we saw last year from Memorial Day through June.  And we have a four-day holiday weekend ahead.

We don’t yet have condition reports on the truck drivers but will pass along any details as they become available.

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