If you saw fire crews in downtown Twin Falls on Friday afternoon, there was a reason.

According to police scanner traffic at around 1 p.m., emergency crews were called to fight a structure fire. When a reporter showed up on scene, however, it was obvious something was different about this emergency call. No smoke was visible and firefighters were gathered in the front yard at 152 6th Ave. N., casually talking and not in any hurry to fight a blaze.

That’s because there was no blaze. It was all a training exercise.

That’s good news. We’re glad there wasn’t a house fire – or any other kind of fire, for that matter. But the training call on the police scanner had a few of us media types duped for a few minutes.

Guess the scanner protocol makes sense, though. If you’re going to train for a real emergency, you should probably go through all of the stops and motions to do so – like fire drills in your own home.

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