Schadenfreude.  It means deriving pleasure from the misfortune of another.  A word of German origin.  It’s not very Christian, however.  For many conservatives the events of the last 10 days may have provided a great deal of relief if not pleasure.  The great liberal/media cabal appears to be cracking.

In my corner we recall God made wheels fall off chariots.

Late last week I read a story about a Democrat from Minnesota.  Her name is Amy Klobuchar.  She serves in the U.S. Senate.  Many political prognosticators believe she’s best poised to unseat next year the President.  Then it was revealed the woman is really, really mean to her staff.

How about former New York Times Editor Jill Abramson?  The atheist once claimed the Sunday Times was more important than God in her home.  She may be a plagiarist.

Ralph Northam and his fellow travelers in Virginia.  Does it need further explanation?

Elizabeth Warren is learning you shouldn’t lie when applying for a job.  Especially when you believe you should be the next President and all of your media allies insist his greatest fault is lying.

This avalanche of bad news for the American left appears to have begun when state legislators in New York danced and cheered infanticide.  Then shined lights on the Freedom Tower to celebrate.  It’s a cultural tipping point.  Liberals have a history of overreach and then seem surprised when good people reject crazed and abhorrent politics.  Read the book Nixonland and you’ll get a tutorial.

As a Christian I see something else at work.  An eastern faith calls it karma.  In my corner we recall God made wheels fall off chariots.  The Lord is sometimes an active agent in the temporal realm.  Liberals don’t and can’t understand.  Now they’re watching the big boat float away as the water rises.  Schadenfreude.  It’s not Christian.  Better we pray for those who offend the Almighty.

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