When your allies are liberals, then you’re probably a liberal, too.  Much of the mainstream media focus following Governor Brad Little’s coronavirus diktat focuses on rifts within his Republican Party.  As it’s the largest political party in the state (the other options aren’t even close) we shouldn’t be shocked there are a variety of opinions.  And it’s not like this started March 26th.  This has been going on for a decade.  Witness the raucous state GOP convention of 2014. 

They praised Little for instituting across the board house arrest.

The state’s top two Republicans earned pluralities and not majorities in 2018.  They represent vastly different ideas on the role of government.  The current state party chair won his position by the slimmest majority.

There are many Republicans attempting to stay out of the fight and privately, a large share of those tell me the Governor has tossed a match onto a pool of gasoline.

Then you look at Idaho’s Democrats.  They praised Little for instituting across the board house arrest.  The liberal blogs are filled with glee at the possibility conservatives could lose business licenses.  Or any working person, for that matter.  This is the future they envision.  One of heavy-handed government control.  Technocrats as lords over subjects.  If anything, they believe Little didn’t go far enough.

Read the columns written by the Democrat Party auxiliary at Idaho newspapers.  Or the coverage from TV.  Or snide comments from public broadcasters (feeding at the public trough).  These people want to punish you because they perceive (rightly) you don’t respect them.

When the Governor made his initial announcement, one of the minions of the legislature’s minority dismissed my concerns about working people.  “The fundamentals of the economy are sound,” he explained.  Really?  The same guy planned to vote for Joe Biden.  Even before the pandemic.  While also stating the fundamentals were sound under Republicans.

Folks, we’re dealing with insanity.  We’re also dealing with a party that still proclaims its roots representing working men and women.  Which it long ago abandoned.  If these people are allied with Brad Little, then we’ve got more to fear than a virus.

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