TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) The retailer Dick's Sporting Goods announced today it will stop selling certain styles of firearms after the school shooting in Florida. The company operates more than 715 stores around the country, including one in Twin Falls.  The  company CEO and Chairman Edward Stack issued a statement on the company's website saying they would stop selling what they called assault-style rifles or modern sporting rifles. The company says it had already removed the type of firearms from their shelves after the Sandy Hook school shooting, but says it will remove the rifles from it's small number of Filed and Stream stores. It also says it will not sell a firearm to anyone under 21 years old or sell high capacity magazines. Stack noted the company had legally sold a shotgun to the accused Florida shooter in late 2017, which was not used in the shooting. He also noted that they support the Second Amendment and appreciate the vast majority of gun owners. Stack also called for "common sense gun reform." Read the full statement HERE

Walmart, following on the heels of the announcement by Dick's, also said on Wednesday that it will raise the age restriction for the purchase of firearms and ammunition. Read that story here.

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