After the weekend my family just went through, I didn't think anything else could go wrong or surprise us. Since our SUV died on a mountain near Jackson Hole we brought the Jeep out of hibernation while the other one gets fixed. Only a few hours after parking it in the driveway, this guy comes into my yard and gets in the Jeep! He quickly gets out and then goes to our front door and appears to pretend to knock on it and test to see if it is open. Then he just walks off like it's any other day for him.

What the Intruder Didn't Know

The stranger didn't know that I have a security camera that was right over his head while he appears to go through my car. My kids were also sitting at a table near the window and saw the man walk through our yard. That's when I checked the camera. We got a good look at his face and what he was wearing all recorded on video. The video also shows him go up to our front door and then leave our yard and walk down the street.

What Should I do Now?

This is a scary situation for my family now. Even though the stranger didn't steal anything that know of or get into our house, it really makes you feel vulnerable. I've been told that I can file a police report and that what he allegedly did is considered unlawful entry and a felony. But since it ended up not a big deal I also feel like I don't want to go through the hassle of filing a report with the police. On the other hand I want to do it so the police can watch for this guy and this doesn't happen to someone else.

See the Video of the Incident Below

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