I don't know why it is a trend among some photographers doing senior pictures or family photos to have the shoot site be at train tracks. Is a beautiful mountain landscape or lush green park too overdone, so rundown and dirty train tracks is the best alternative? I've seen a number of my friends post pictures on social media over the years of their pictures taken at the tracks by the Depot Grill. I won't share their pictures or names since there is a chance what some of them did was actually illegal. In Idaho, it is against the law to take pictures on railroad tracks as all tracks are on private property. Plus, hanging around railroad tracks is dangerous. According to an article from Boise, that includes tracks that aren't in use anymore. This poses an interesting situation in Twin Falls because of the long-unused tracks that run close to the new tracks near the Depot Grill. With the unused tracks they are most likely on private property so you would need to get permission to have a photo shoot there anyways.

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I was really trying to see the appeal of train tracks as a photo site so I drove around town near the Depot Grill and further down the tracks by Thursdays. I have to admit that I kind of get it now. There is a real charm to some of the old track areas. The good news for those looking to get a good old timey photo shoot done, there are loads of great places that aren't on or too close to the tracks in Twin Falls.

It's Illegal To Take Pictures On Train Tracks In Idaho