I'll go ahead and say that this Idaho rental is better than the Idaho Potato rental. While the Big Idaho Potato Hotel is definitely an Idaho experience loaded with history, as the potato traveled the United States strapped to the back of a truck, the restored train car is also historic and a little roomier.

Restored Train Car Air BnB in Idaho

The restored 1909 train car in Deary ran from 1909 until about 1955 on the rails between Washington, Idaho, and Montana. The car sits on 145 acres, but you're really there for the cute train. The owners really stepped up and remodeled the entire structure to be modern, comfortable, and safe while still looking like a charming train car. The housing is even covered with a recreated train depot roof.

Train Car AirBnB Rental

Idaho has seemed to blossom lately with great rental properties. There are so many great cabins, from bare bones to luxury, for those who want to get away in comfort. We even have a list of unique rentals that range from yurts, a tree-house above the forest, a castle, a place shaped like a dog, and even some haunted houses.

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Crazy Looking Skinny House Video on TikTok

If you are into small buildings that look bigger on the inside or seem to be magical in how they create space in rooms without space, check out this skinny house. I don't know who engineered it and if it was on a dare or as a joke, but holy cow.

Historic Boise Church Turned Modern Home

The house is 4,869 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. According to the listing on Realtor, the house won the 2021 Building Excellence Award in Design and Renovation.

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