Thanks to the many wildfires burning in the Pacific Northwest, we've had plenty of smoke to deal with lately. That smoke has had an additional side effect that caught many by surprise. It's made the sun and moon look downright freaky.

I realize that "freaky" isn't exactly a meteorological term. But, "weird" seemed like too normal a word for a sky that made the sun look pink at times.

Photo, Angie Holliday

If you look close, you can almost see the two sunspots that are currently facing Earth.

Photo, Angie Holliday

After dealing with the sun looking kinda pink all day, last night we were treated to a blood moon.

Photo, Doc Holliday

It's not exactly common to see a blood moon when no eclipse is involved. As interesting as it is to see these sky sights, it's just a sad reminder of the many horrific wildfires that still burn in the western United States.