This is one of those contests we don’t need to win.  Though, I can deal with cold temperatures better when the weather isn’t accompanied by snow and ice.  A website has listed the five coldest states in May.  Based on historical averages.  I’ve visited three of the five and called one home.  One is a close neighbor when it comes to Idaho.

Are you surprised that Alaska ranks the coldest in May? It isn’t exactly known for sunny beaches.  Maine is number two.  It’s a big state with a lot of space.  Most people live “down east”, which is along the Atlantic Ocean.  Not that the ocean warms things much.  I was vacationing on a coastal island one long ago week in August.  I dove into the ocean for a swim.  I was back on land in less than a minute.  I guess it explains why the island had a public pool.

Wyoming is third.  Still not surprised.  One winter morning I stopped to buy gas off Interstate 80.  Snow was blowing sideways.  It probably still is!

North Dakota is fourth.  Andrew Weeks, a former employee here at the radio stations, took a job in Grand Forks.  He shared some of the frightening weather stories with us after he had settled in for a few months.

Number five is Vermont.  When I lived there I remember spring as being frosty.  I would crank open the bathroom window to vent the steam from the shower.  When I would step out I would close the same window in a split second.

There are cold places in Idaho, but the moderate weather in our part of the state balances some of the ice boxes life Fairfield, Stanley, and DuBois.  And that’s O.K.

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