The Idaho State Police really want our roads to be safe. They recently held a two week push to educate and enforce seat belt use. During that time, more than 300 people were cited for not wearing seat belts. In a news release from the ISP, they announced that now through Labor Day (Monday, September 7th) there will be an increased number of patrol cars out in Idaho to help combat impaired driving. As the 'Deadliest Days of Driving' continue, police will be looking to stop drunk drivers before they can cause an accident or kill someone.

This is an especially important time to enforce safe driving as motorists attempt to get in a final summer vacation. Idaho roads are full of residents and visitors travelling to the many scenic and popular locations in the state. According to the release from the ISP, driving fatalities increased by nearly 27 percent last year. 37 percent of drivers who died were drunk at the time and nearly 80 percent of deaths occurred at night in 2017. In 2019 there were 91 deaths reported during the Deadliest Days of Driving. Of those driving deaths, 28 weren't wearing a seat belt.

If you do plan to drink, make sure you plan to not drive. The Idaho State Police recommend to motorist who do plan to drink:

  • Make sure to have a designated driver, taxi, or ride-hailing service.
  • If you see someone drinking, don't let them drive. Call *477 or 911 to report impaired drivers.
  • When hosting a party, serve beverage options that are non-alcoholic.
  • Whenever you get in a car - buckle up.
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