A reporter once asked Michael Jordan why he didn’t talk politics (after all, athletes are experts on all matter of issues).  The basketball legend replied Republicans also buy shoes.  Jordan was making a fortune from his own brand.

Republicans also buy coffee.

Dutch Bros., which has two locations in Twin Falls, wants no part of a carbon tax scheme in Oregon.  Willamette Week has the story by clicking here.

Republicans also buy coffee.

According to the company, it got involved in a business climate alliance to share ideas, however.  It didn’t expect the group to become shills for Oregon’s tree-hugging crowd.

The carbon tax is unpopular with many businesses, most of rural Oregon and with state legislative Republicans.  Many have left the state rather than vote on the scheme.  Those Republicans are believed to be mostly sheltering in Idaho.  One of their Idaho Republican counterparts is even offering them shelter and home cooking!  Also, they just might stop for a brew at a popular coffee shop.

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