Source: WalletHub

Some Idahoans choose not to vote because they believe their vote doesn't count. I believe as an American we should vote every time we are given the chance to vote. It's your right and you should exercise that right.

According to information from Wallet Hub, Idaho came in at number 46 when compared to our other 49 states for best representation when voting. This translates to Idaho being on the top 10 WORST states for voting.

Wallet Hubs Top 10 States With The Best Representation:

1. Virginia
2. Ohio
3. Missouri
4. Wisconsin
5. North Carolina
6. Michigan
7. Vermont
8. Washington
9. South Carolina
10. Pennsylvania

Worst Overall Representation:
41. Arizona
42. Illinois
43. Hawaii
44. Wyoming
45. Delaware
46. Idaho
47. Kansas
48. Utah
49 Kentucky
50. South Dakota

See Wallet Hub's full list.

Remember, Election Day is November 8th. Exercise your right to vote this year!