The Encanto craze isn’t over. This summer the Encanto sing-along film concert tour hits the road and travels across the United States. There are 32 stops for the event and here’s where Idaho kids are going to freak out: there isn’t a stop in Idaho. So, it’s the bad kind of freak-out.

There is good news though, the tour is a summer tour so you can make plans to travel and have the sing-along be part of your vacation. There will be stops in Washington and California if you want states close to Idaho, otherwise, you can travel as far you want to see the show.

We Don't Talk About the Encanto Sing-along Tour in Idaho

If you don’t want to make the long trip to see the show, you can just turn it on in your house and your kids will sing along to it anyways. The tour is basically just the movie being played with a live band onstage and an auditorium full of kids shouting along.

How To Get Tickets To Encanto Sing-along Tour

Tickets for the Encanto sing-along tour go on sale this weekend with reserved seats starting at $50.

Waiting on a Miracle for the Encanto Sing-along Tour to Come to Idaho

I have to confess that I have never seen either of the Frozen movies. I know, it’s crazy. I’ve heard them while driving on road trips with my kids, but have yet to actually see them. Before you judge me as some sort of anomaly or Disney-hater, I have seen pretty much every other new Disney movie, including Encanto.

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I also have to admit something else now, the whole time Encanto was on I was making fun of it with my brother-in-law and guessing the plotline before it happened. While the movie was predictable, it was also entertaining. I had no idea at the time that the songs would become the anthem for our house with my youngest daughter.

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