It’s a contrarian view on wolves.  The Center for Biological Diversity is taking a position against a planned wolf hunt in Idaho.  Last weekend I saw an essay written by a lawyer for the organization.  Her name is Andrea Zaccardi.  She argues there is very little livestock depredation caused by wolves.  She also believes the animals may in the long run be more of a benefit to Idaho. 

Additionally, there appears to be some confusion when it comes to the actual hunt.

I was surprised by some of the numbers she presented.  Also, I believe in hearing more views than simply my own.  In the interest of a healthy debate I reached out to her and asked if she had time for an interview.  Which you can hear below.  The picture covering the video is courtesy Idaho Fish and Game.  You’ll also be able to listen to our discussion on-air next week at Newsradio 1310 KLIX and 96.1 FM.

It appears more cattle die from weather and other natural phenomena than at the paws of wolves.  The Idaho bill is SB1211.  There are an estimated 1,500 of the creatures in the state.  The goal of a hunt is to eliminate all but 150 wolves.  This is made possible by a change in a federal spending bill several years ago.  It was part of a rider attached by Idaho’s Mike Simpson in the U.S. House and Montana’s Jon Tester in the U.S. Senate.

On a side note, Montana could lose millions in federal funds if it goes ahead with a plan similar to the bill signed in Idaho by Governor Brad Little.  Additionally, there appears to be some confusion when it comes to the actual hunt.  Population control appears to be in the purview of Idaho Fish and Game and not contractors who would be hired to conduct the operation.

Expect some court challenges on the way.  Especially from some of the not-for-profit environmental organizations alarmed by the idea of culling the packs.

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