I wear shorts in cold weather.  I’m one of those guys.  Shorts are comfortable.  I’d wear them everywhere and also to work if I could.  Some people can’t seem to help themselves.  Complete strangers will make comments.  The snide remarks come from the witless at the lowest end of the gene pool.  I believe the others are Democrats.  Busybodies who need to control everyone else.

If You Don't Like Shorts Don't Wear Them

A woman mentioned my shorts this morning at the grocery store.  It was 27 degrees outside.  The store must have been 70.  I walked from a warm car about 30 feet to go inside.  I had multiple layers over my torso, arms, and a hat on my head. 

I broke the quarantine to go to the store.  My sinuses have cleared.  I never had a fever or cough.  It was over in three days.  Before COVID, I would’ve worked through such a mild illness.  Now, everyone gets a five-day vacation.  We can surmise corporate America fears litigation. 

The only symptom I had other than a stuffy nose was somewhat of a lack of appetite.  It’s why I went shopping at 4:30 A.M.! 

People Believe Cold Causes Colds

I didn’t encounter any dolts who told me I would catch a “death of cold” wearing shorts.  How long is that old tale going to last?  Colds, despite their names, are caused by viruses.  I’m always shocked by how many so-called intelligent people still haven’t caught on.  You can explain the science and some will just repeat the falsehood. 

As for the shorts this morning, I told the woman minding my business that when I was a kid, girls still wore skirts and dresses to school.  They walked a lot of days colder than what I woke up with this morning.  The girls were very ladylike by the description of their clothes and, yet.  They were tougher than most of the men I currently meet on the streets today.  


This is adapted from an email I sent to friends this past Saturday morning.

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