Proposed spending cuts by the Obama Administration could have some serious implications for at least one local service organization that helps the poor.  Ken Robinette, Executive Director of the South Central Community Action Partnership, is in Washington D.C. today to meet with Idaho’s Congressional delegation.  Robinette is telling the delegation that the drastic proposed budget cuts to community block grants could mean the closure of the Jerome SCCAP office and the scaling back of many of the programs the organization uses to help area citizens.  Closing the Jerome office also will cause a ripple effect when many local SCCAP work will lose their jobs adding to the state unemployment rate.  Services now provided by that office will then have to be handled by the Twin Falls office or even other state agencies.  Two years ago federal stimulus monies helped the SCCAP office hire about 45 weatherization workers.  Looming cuts would mean about 75 percent of those workers, many who were unemployed at the time, will again lose their jobs.  Further cuts may also result in the SCCAP losing money by not being able to meet requirements for other grant money.