I know if I bring up drive-in movie theaters to most people in Twin Falls it will open up a discussion of how we need them to come back. If you are new to the area, we used to have a few drive-in movie theaters up until just a few years ago but the Motor Vu and Grand Vu have both been torn down now. We can't even go to the actual movie theater yet because of the pandemic, though the Magic Valley Cinema 13 is set to open in just a few days on the 24th of July. The demise of the drive-in theater was partially due to the changing times and cost to upgrade projectors and compete with indoor theaters. The movie viewing experience has changed a lot over the last few years. Now you can get D-Box rumble seats, stadium seating with more leg room, seats that recline, and some theaters have replaced the chairs with beds.

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But, there is still something special about watching a movie outdoors. I was at Lowe's last week getting some plumbing supplies and a lady was there with her young daughter. This little girl didn't know me but really wanted to tell me that she was there to get pipes and fittings to make an outdoor screen so she could watch a movie. I have friends who do almost weekly outdoor movies. It really is a different experience and that's why I think outdoor floating theaters need to become a thing in Southern Idaho.

Floating theaters are already real, but I think we could improve them in Idaho. We have so many lakes, the Snake River, and other great bodies of water where boaters and kayaks could float and watch a show. Just imagine a movie being projected on a large screen at Dierkes and the lake is full of people on paddle boards and kayaks watching Jaws or some non-water related movie. I don't know what it would take to make it happen but I know it would be awesome if it did.

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