TWIN FALLS, Idaho(KLIX)-Anyone in Idaho can fish for free, without a license, for one day this weekend. Unless you are older than 13, you are required to purchase a fishing license in the State of Idaho any other time of the year but, for one day of the year everyone can cast a line and catch a fish. Idaho Department of Fish and Game says spots all across the Gem State are stocked with hundreds of thousands of fish for Free Fishing Day, Saturday, June 11. No one is required to have a license on them to go fishing. People still need to follow all fishing rules. Again, children 13 and under are never required to have a fishing license in Idaho. Idaho Fish and Game says it will host a number of events statewide where staff and volunteers will help people get familiar with fishing if they've never done it before or never fished in Idaho. People will be able to borrow equipment needed to go fishing. In the Magic Valley, Idaho Fish and Game will be at the Riley Creek Ponds near Hagerman. There people will be able to grab a fishing rod and bait and try and catch a fish.

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