What goes up must come down are some lyrics from a song I remember as a boy.  Does it still apply when it comes to gas prices?  I saw a price of almost $4.60 a gallon when I drove past the Twin Falls Walmart during the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  A few blocks down the street I almost had a coronary.  There was a price for regular gas at an Oasis of $4.75.9 for the same grade.  I’m extrapolating but without some sudden drop in demand, I suppose we’ll sail past five dollars a gallon sometime between the middle to end of June.

How many people can currently afford the price?  I’m telling you, the center won’t much longer hold.

Green Energy is a Scam

For all this talk about a transition to a green economy, I watched a movie on Tuesday about renewable energy and it said we were being sold a big lie.  Corporations pretend to be on board and environmentalists ignore the truth because they’re getting a cut.

Meanwhile, our national competitors are looking to lock up oil reserves in what has been a contested Arctic region.  Do they know something that we don't?  Man, we’re getting played!  There’s a great wealth transfer going on and it doesn’t benefit American working men and women.  Do we even have a champion anymore?

I'll Take Mean Tweets

I thought we had one between Barack Obama and Joe Biden but the news media told me he was just playing the part of a savior.  The funny thing is that Donald Trump delivered when it came to his promises.  Income grew from the bottom up.  There was a hope of peace with our rivals and I could afford groceries and gasoline.  What am I missing?

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