Even Gavin Newsom is looking to Idaho as an escape. If only for a day.  The California Governor paid a visit to Boise and met with local Democrats at what was a pep rally for the coming election.  The Los Angeles Times reports Newsom was campaigning for President Biden, while also working on the Californian’s national profile.  Just in case!  One poll at Real Clear Politics shows Newsom has better numbers among possible Biden challengers than Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Many of the people Newsom met at the gathering are possible transplants from the Golden State.  Contrary to what one member of my audience claimed two weeks ago, not everyone relocating to Idaho is a conservative.  One Republican I know in Blaine County came here from the San Francisco Bay area.  She refers to most of the transplants in Ketchum as the people living in “glitter gulch”.  It’s not a compliment.

Meanwhile, the satirical Babylon Bee has produced a song about the diaspora.  You can watch it below.

Newsom has a few advantages among liberal voters.  He speaks the language.  He’s pro-choice and is promoting a new constitutional amendment that would restrict Second Amendment rights.  The Governor is a bit like a liberal version of Mitt Romney.  Both resemble Presidents from Hollywood Central casting.  Newsom is also fabulously wealthy and could be a major self-contributor to any nationwide campaign.

One leading Idaho Democrat, Ilana Rubel, told me on several occasions that she’s not sold on Newsom.  He’s not on her short list if Joe Biden can’t answer the bell, however.  If it’s Newsom versus Trump or DeSantis, then you’ll see the political left get quickly behind their man.

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