The tree-hugging crowd will blame man-made climate change.  The rest of us will call it summer.  It’s going to be hot in Idaho next week.  It often happens in July.  Of course, much can change with long-range forecasts, but let’s say for argument we get a string of days with highs in the triple digits.  Will we see some records fall?  Possibly, but there have been previous hot summers.  The 1930s set all kinds of records across the country.  The 1940s came along and there were some of the coldest patches of weather in decades.

Have you considered the goal of the climate alarmists is to confuse you?  After a while, it becomes difficult to track the warnings.  This morning I watched a video from a host who appears to be German.  You can see it by clicking here.  She shares there’s confusion even among the climate change disciples.

If you claim the Industrial Age brought about atmospheric cooking, then admit you’ve only collected data from a third of that time, doesn’t it call into question your claims?  In her home country, the voting age has been lowered to 16, because the young are the most likely to respond to the fear-mongering.  Older voters have been through a few crises in life and don’t get nearly as ruffled.  If Lefty can’t get his way, Left changes the rules.  He’s hell-bent on destroying the global economy, and probably for reasons other than saving the planet.

Maybe you believe in some degree of man-made warming.  Still, perhaps you should take into account multiple arguments.  Because famine and poverty can’t easily be remedied after the globe goes green.

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