GOODING, Idaho (KLIX)-Dogs found outside of the city of Gooding will not longer be accepted at the pound run by the police department. The Gooding Police Chief Dave Fisher announced on social media that effective immediately, no dog brought in from outside of the city limits can be accepted at the shelter.

According to the chief, any dog found outside of the city will need to be handled by the jurisdiction it was found in. Unless directed by law enforcement to do so, no one can drop off a dog from outside the city.

In the statement, Chief Fisher said, "It is unlikely that stray dogs found running loose in the rural areas of Gooding County will be taken into custody as their directive is only to provide safekeeping to animals due to unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or arrests. In most cases, stray dogs will return to their home on their own, eventually. If you have questions about dog issues, speak with your local law enforcement agency or government representatives."

The chief also warned people not to dump dogs they find outside of Gooding inside the city or they could face charges.

The pound has taken in animals from surrounding communities before.

"We cannot continue to do so and must concentrate our funding and operations to the citizens of the City of Gooding while working closely with our local agencies and governments while caring for our furry friends in need," wrote Chief Fisher in the statement.

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