Life is going to be a little less regulated in Idaho.  For now.  Governor Brad Little was given an opportunity to wipe away decades of superfluous state code.  Not by intent.  Instead, State Legislators adjourned without renewing thousands of pages of regulations, many of which never made any sense or haven’t made sense in a quarter century. 

It demanded a neat appearance and mandated politeness.

There is an argument here for all laws and regulations (regulations are laws generally created by un-elected bureaucrats) to have sunset provisions.  After three to five years you can eliminate anything that brought about unintended consequences or was a solution in search of a problem.

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal explained Governor Little has wiped out nearly 1,000 pages of regulations:

“There’s a whole chapter of the administrative code devoted to snails that don’t live in Idaho. There’s a rule that explains the rules for a state lottery TV game show that has never existed.”

A nearly 60-year-old code detailed how veterinary assistants should dress. It demanded a neat appearance and mandated politeness. One scold even outlined how women should dress while kickboxing. Uniforms were required to be multi-colored.  Madness!

The changes are also going to make logging and mining a bit easier, although.  The paper doesn’t offer much detail on changes.

Will this unleash the state economy?  Maybe not like a roaring tiger (they should be caged) but it does eliminate the nonsense.

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