I see the comments from the people who call the secession vote a fool’s errand.  Liberal media reminded us it would take the approval of both legislatures and governors in Oregon and Idaho.  It would need to be approved in Washington.  The only time boundaries are generally adjusted is when a river moves.  We have to go back to 1863 when part of Virginia became a new state and joined the Union cause in the Civil War.  It happened because we were in a unique and critical time.

Ask yourself a question about the current state of affairs in the United States.  Is this a normal time?  Will it be a normal time in two years or five years?  A federal government with 31 trillion dollars in debt could possibly default on obligations.  What if the rest of the world refuses to buy our debt?

We’re living in turbulent times.  The federal government is adrift with a captain who shakes hands with shadows.  Armed government agents are snatching peaceful (for now) Christians from their homes.  We could be in for a bout of inflation like we’ve never seen before.

Borders define stability.  We no longer have one dividing our country from Mexico.  As the ties that bind weaken, what’s to stop the people of eastern Oregon and Washington from simply putting up Idaho flags and declaring themselves citizens of the Gem State?  Some people may take liberty for granted, but the promoters of Greater Idaho are strong-willed.

There’s quite a degree at the moment of entropy in America.  I’ll predict the thing we call the United States will be a much looser confederation by 2030.  People will choose their own affiliations.

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