How do I connect the dots?  The Trump verdict will inflame the right, and even many NeverTrumpers in his party are suddenly angered by the kangaroo court and its decision.  Liberals will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from defeating their guy fair and square.  Many believe they’ll even bring this country to civil war.  Liberal Bill Maher has warned his fellow travelers a war isn’t a good idea, because conservatives own most of the 400 million guns in private hands.  And while the politicians at the Pentagon are in league with the Democrats, the ranks surely aren’t.

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan believes a civil war is unlikely, because right and left can’t raise their own armies (paywall).

The alternative is to break up the country, perhaps with the outcome resembling the loose Articles of Confederation.  We’ll trade; otherwise, it will be like two ships passing at night.  Meanwhile, regions will cleave and join the like-minded.  Here’s where Eastern Oregon joins with Idaho.  A confederation of mountain states would unite.

Salem wouldn’t have the strength to stop secession.

If we’re looking for an example that augers the outcome, look to Texas.  The state defied the Biden White House and courts to a degree on the border.  The Deep State backed down.  The left is a paper tiger.  Confront evil and watch it wilt.   You’ve always been told that bullies are cowards: all talk and no action.

The fallout from the show trial will be fierce.  Lefty has quite possibly set himself up to reap the whirlwind.

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