The owners of a dog in Hailey are grateful to have their animal alive after it was shot twice by a fellow area camper who thought it was a wolf prowling near their site.

The owners of an Alaskan Malamute nearly lost their pet to gunfire after a nearby camper at North Fork Lake mistook the animal for a wolf, according information shared on KTVB's YouTube channel. The dog had apparently wandered into another campsite. The animal was shot once in the side of the head, and once in the upper back.

No information has been given on the dog's current condition. Comments from the YouTube channel vary from, " Rule number one, always identify your target," to "the shooter had no business owning a gun."

This raises an interesting topic. I see dogs running loose every time I go camping. Aside from the fact the animal was shot, do we, as campers, need to do a better job of containing our animals. I've had random dogs enter our campsite too many times to count, and I have a 5-year-old boy to protect. I always carry a gun with me camping, so how much blame do we really put on the individual who pulled the trigger.

I am not defending this person's actions, and am very grateful the dog appears to have survived the ordeal. I do see how the situation could have been easily avoided by having your animal contained, especially when you know there are others camping nearby.

The important thing now is the dog's health. We hope the animal makes a full recovery.

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