Courtesy, Salt Lake County Health Department.
Courtesy, Salt Lake County Health Department.

In looking for a word to describe 2020 the first one popping into my mind is surreal.  The above Facebook post comes from the Salt Lake County Health Department.  While I try and listen to the medical professionals I know, it’s beginning to feel like we’ve entered a period of mass hysteria equaling the spread of coronavirus.

I don’t see Granny in the above picture.

Personal responsibility is in short supply according to many in government.  I’m not quite so sure.  If you’re young and healthy and choose to gather with similar people you’re probably not a danger.  And that’s the science I’ve read.  The idea is to ensure the vulnerable aren’t exposed.  I don’t see Granny in the above picture.  Nobody appears to be over 35-years-old.

The writer Heather Mac Donald has a piece at the Spectator where she suggests we’re less Plymouth Rock this year and more Salem.  She acknowledges the virus is real and the witches were a figment of imagination.  But the reaction to both may be so overwrought we’re in danger of some sort of violent reaction.  People who are mask less are being assaulted on rural trails as I mentioned in an update yesterday.  Mobs sanctioned by government burned accused witches.  Luckily, we won’t see any such dire behavior but when the Governor of a neighboring state suggests you report neighbors dining with more than 10 people in a home…

In Nevada, the Governor is ordering masks in homes. Again, how is this enforced?  Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs shared a story yesterday on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  One foreign but also English speaking country is requesting married couples refrain from intimate relations.  This is dystopia!  It’s a frenzy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to subside anytime soon.

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